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Friday, January 2nd marked my last day in Columbus before heading back to Paris.  The sentiment was very bittersweet (more bitter than sweet I might add) as these last two weeks have gone by way too quickly.  Although two more weeks would have been ideal, I certainly had a very relaxing time with the family and my three year old niece Vega SindoaSarah.  Plus I squeezed in some fun, catching up with friends.  And like everything in life it’s all about balance; and if I managed to gain 7 pounds in two weeks back at the crib, I don’t even wanna imagine how I would have fared after another two weeks…  7 POUNDS!

Well I digress… that afternoon I headed to The Andersons (ask for Al) to pick up some bottles for the next MPA blind tasting.  Stay tuned as the bottles’ identities will not be revealed until after January 17th.  Additionally, my father requested that I personally select eight bottles for his limited collection, giving me a strict budget of $10 dollars.  I found this to be quite a challenging task since The Andersons has one of the more complete and quality wine selections in Columbus, Ohio and I was determined to seek out better quality than the far too frequented promo rack.  So here’s a list of the bottles that I selected, all 87+ ratings… Merum Monastrell, Ruffino Chianti, Fat Bastard Shiraz Vin de Pays, Fuego Garnacha, Cordon Negro Cava Brut, Côtes du Ventoux Rosé and Vega Sindoa.

To celebrate our last night together, my father opened the Vega Sindoa of Bodegas Nekeas in Navarra, Spain.  He chose it completely on a whim without any prior knowledge as to what he was uncorking, except that it was white.  I as well was a newbie, since this was my first time tasting the viura varietal.  Viura, also known as Macabeo, is a major white grape in Northeastern Spain, particularly the Navarra and Rioja DOs (Denomicación de Origen).  The grape is also used in Cava blends in the region south of Barcelona.

2007 Vega Sindoa, Bodegas Nekeas
Blend: 75% Viura, 25% Chardonnay
Appellation: Navarra, Spain
Price: $8
Importer: Jorge Ordoñez

Tasting notes: Straw yellow in the glass.  Aromas of banana, meaty-fleshy-white-over ripe tropical fruit, coconut and piña colada, followed by very subtle macadamia nut.  Flavors of pineapple, banana, piña colada and macadamia.  This wine is dry and medium-bodied with controlled acidity.  A personality driven, complex wine.  13% vol.  6,000 cases imported to the U.S.  The Wine Spectator’s 83 rating describes this wine as having “hints of orange zest, apple and spice”.  I definitely see where they’re going with the spice and maybe a tad of apple, but I didn’t pick up the orange zest.
Rating: 13/20

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