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2009 Santa Carlina “Reserva” Sauvignon Blanc, Valle de Leyda
Tasting Notes : 100% sauvignon blanc, vineyards Las Cascadas and Malvilla, 13.5% vol. Light straw yellow with a greenish hue in the glass. Right upfront the nose was very fruity, lush and ripe, displaying tropical fruits, even lichti. The fruitiness then took an immediate backstage as the nose opened up to spice, minerality and some light stinkified action of manure, chemical poop, or even gasoline, albeit these were subtleties and I don’t mean to embellish. On the third go at it the all-so-subtle chemical poopiness dissipated and what remained were simple, unexpressive, and slightly synthetic aromas. In the mouth this wine is smooth on the attack and then bitter and acidic with a juicy medium-bodied mouth-feel. There are flavors of grapefruit and green apple Jolly Rancher. Overall this wine is a little disjointed and synthetic. I’m not into this wine and do not recommend it.
Rating : 10/20 (77/100)
Price : US$10.00 @ WineChateau.com

Full disclosure : This wine was sent to me for review by Thomas Collective

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