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2008 Gracia, de Chile “Sereno Reserva Lo Mejor” Valle Bio Bio
Tasting Notes : 100% pinot noir, 5-day pre-fermentation cold maceration, 3- to 5-day post fermentation maceration, aged 18 months in French oak, 4.42 g/l total acidity, 3.61 pH, 2.3 g/l residual sugars, 14% vol. Light ruby-red, violet in the glass. Very fruit-forward on the nose, especially fresh red fruits, displaying aromas of red currants, red cherries, mild spice and subtle flowers. Additionally there is some heat from the alcohol and overall the nose is a little candy-esque. Again very fruity and juicy in the mouth, this wine has a pronounced acidity and is full-bodied, almost chewy. The tannins are bitter-sweet and the wine is a little disjointed. There are flavors of strawberry Starburst, sour cherries, and a long finish with lingering notes of cassis. 13,000 bottles
Rating : 14/20 (86+/100)

Full disclosure : This wine was sent to me for review by Thomas Collective

Full Disclosure No. 2 : I gotta be quick and maybe a little chaotic because it’s Independence Day Eve in France, meaning there are parties at all of the fire stations where the firemen dance and well these things can get pretty crazy and apparently are tons of fun. But the point is I’m almost tempted to cease once and for all the rating of wine. It’s really a dirty business. I would equate it to discrimination and prejudice of a sort. A wine rating is a qualification of a wine frozen in time, assuming that it’s “before” and “after” are irrelevant. In other words, a wine rating is taken completely out of context. When opening the bottle this wine was a very poorly performing, uneducated and misbehaved child that I rated a 13 out of sympathy. Two hours later and after a little bit of chilling (probably around 65 degrees) and when paired with food, this wine is now a much more mature high school graduate, showing some expression and promise, although still not ready for the prime time. In either case, I’ve upped the rating from a sympathetic 13 to a more promising 14, but the point is, what really does this all mean to you? Basically nothing, because first of all, we’ve all got our own palate and please trust it! Don’t let anyone tell you what’s good and what’s not. Second of all, what our palate communicates to us at one moment has no bearing on what will be communicated a moment later, an hour later, or the next day. Of course none of this is a revelation for me. I’ve always shared these sentiments. But for some reason this wine inspired me to write about it. Honestly I felt pitty for this wine, slamming it with a mediocre grade when in reality it just needed some time and simply wasn’t ready to take the quiz immediately after getting out of bed. Relate it to a hangover or depression or a cold day (I’m personifying the wine, not me! haha). All of these are physical states that affect a person’s attitude and expression, in the same way a wine’s attitude and expression can and does change from one moment to the next. So I’ll shut up now because I have a party to hit up. But please understand that we’re in a profession of self expression. So be curious and listen and when a wine doesn’t speak to you so clearly, wait awhile and it might simply be lying in rest, preparing to show its true virtues. Cheers !


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