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This past Wednesday In Vino Veritas was fortunate enough to taste its way through a broad selection of the wines of Noël Pinguet, the owner and winemaker of Domaine Huet. This very animated, passionate and humble Vouvray winemaker was kind enough to bestow us with his presence. Recognized among the likes of Nicolas Joly, Mr. Pinguet is one of the more outspoken proponents of biodynamic viticulture. His philosophy is that the results speak for themselves, and thus there is no compelling reason to seek concrete scientific proof. This philosophy has guided Noël all throughout his 30-something year career. He is not formally educated in viticulture or oenology and has relied on his passion and persistent trial and error practices, in order to find just the right method to produce the most quality wine possible.

Noël is proud of his biodynamic practices and also of the diversity of his wines throughout the vintages. He explained that Vouvray and Chenin Blanc are respectively some of the most climatically sensitive appellations and varietals. Thus the vintage is very important for Vouvray. Especially since Noël does not use any chemical induction, except for sulfur, the quality and expression can fluctuate significantly year by year. For example in some years the grapes may posses a potential alcohol level of 9% and in subsequent years the potential alcohol level may reach 22%. Noël truly leaves it up to the terroir to decide the production level and selection of wines year in and year out. In some years Domaine Huet produces nothing but sparkling wine—“Petillant”. In some years the domaine produces nothing but sweet wines—“Moelleux”. And in other years, the production is across the board. In the end Domaine Huet produces a magnificent selection of Vouvrays that everyone should get their hands on. The domaine’s acclaimed sweet wine “Cuvée Constance” has even been mistaken for Yquem in blind tastings. (more…)

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