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New York strip was on sale at the local grocery store this weekend, so I picked up a ‘value pak’, looking forward to a good steak and veggie dinner with one of the wines I’ve kept around for a treat.  Monday night was the night, I expected my wife home, and was ready to fire up the grill when she called.

My wife is a Realtor, and as anyone in an entrepreneurial or sales business can tell you, when clients need you, regardless of time of day, they need you now.  So a client called this afternoon, and instead of a steak, veggies, and glass of wine on the deck, she had to scarf down some frozen thing in a box and get back to work.

I, however, was not to be denied my steak.  (I had eaten all the other leftovers from the weekend for lunch, so I didn’t really have a choice).  I decided instead of opening a bottle I knew was good, I would take a shot on a Cab/Merlot blend from a producer we’d liked recently.  Alas, as you’ll see in a minute, I had the opportunity to compare all that is great about new world wine with all that is, well, not.  Two Bordeaux blends, two very different outcomes. (more…)

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