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The second In Vino Veritas tasting from last week was hosted by Raymond Paccot, owner and winemaker at Domaine la Colombe.  The domaine is located in the small village of Fléchy in Switzerland.  Raymond is the third generation to manage the estate, founded by Jules Paccot about 50 years ago.  Although the domaine has 10 different varietals planted, the most noteworthy is Chasselas, since the grape is very representative of Swiss wine and virtually non-existent in French wine production.  I was a Chasselas virgin until last Thursday.  In general the grape produces crisp and acidic wines with good minerality.

As I already mentioned the estate is not focused only on Chasselas wine.  In fact Colombe’s selection of bottlings is rather extensive with 15 dry wines, 2 fortified wines and 1 spirit.  Raymond’s viticultural and winemaking philosophy is to conserve as much as possible the typicity of the terroir, implementing biodynamic farming and avoiding invasive winemaking methods like the addition of sugar, for example.  Raymond wishes to avoid big, fruity, alcoholic wines, but rather prefers to maintain high acidity and slightly lower alcohol levels so that the wine can be easily paired with foods or simply enjoyed as an aperitif. (more…)

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