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This week’s In Vino Veritas tasting was host to a very special celebrity guest and a lovely lady to boot.  Yvonne Hégoburu, star of the wine documentary “Mondovino”, shared with us her passion for Jurançon wine.

Until 1972 Yvonne had no professional knowledge or experience in wine whatsoever.  She worked as the administrative assistant for her late husband, René, who was a journalist.  Then in 1972 Yvonne and René purchased 23 hectares of land in Jurançon.  After the death of her husband in 1985, the local Chamber of Commerce advised Yvonne that she might want to consider planting vines on her estate.  So she planted 6.5 hectares of 75% Petit Manseng, 15% Gros Manseng, and 10% Petit Courbu.  Thus began the story of Domaine de Souch.  From her very first vintage, having consulted with some top wine experts, Yvonne’s wine was recognized for its stellar quality and strong respect for healthy viticultural practices.  Over 20 years later, now in her 80s, Yvonne is still a very well known and esteemed winemaker, maintaining her firm belief in the respect for terroir and organic-biodynamic farming.

Yvonne noted during the tasting that she has 23 children thanks to her passion for wine.  At first I was in disbelief until I realized that she was referencing her 23 unique and equally loved vintages, both the good years and the bad years.  She noted that not a single one of her vintages is the same and that she doesn’t dare oppose the forces of nature with any kind of intrusive winemaking practices.  Today Yvonne makes three labels, including a Jurançon Sec, and two sweet wines or “vin moelleux”.  The “Cuvée Mary Kattalin” is the domaine’s star sweet wine.

The tasting …

2008 Domaine de Souch “Jurançon Sec”
Tasting Notes: 14% ABV.  A bright, rich and complex nose of sweet spice, apples and citrus.  In the mouth there is a rich and nutty attack accompanied by a biting acidity and balanced by a smooth texture.  There are flavors of orange and green apple that come out on the mid palate.  This wine screams for charcuterie.
Rating: 15/20
Price: Approx. 15€ @ France (price estimate only)

2007 Domaine de Souch “Cuvée de Marie-Kattalin”
Tasting Notes: A beautifully sweet and aromatic nose of dried apricots and ginger.  In the mouth the juicy and up front acidity is very pronounced and balanced out perfectly by the sweetness and velvety smooth texture.  More dried apricots come out in the mouth, as well as peaches and mango.  A very enjoyable wine.
Rating: 16/20
Price: Approx <20€ @ France (price estimate only)

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