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My second visit, and part two of my Stellenbosch three-part series, was to Beyerskloof.  I was lucky enough to visit with the “King of Pinotage” himself.  I personally acclaimed owner and winemaker, Beyers Truter, the King of Pinotage, but I don’t imagine many people in the South African wine industry would dispute this coronation.  Beyers is obsessed with Pinotage and he even wrote an essay entitled “The Pinotage Story”.  Additionally, Beyers is the Founder and Chairman of the Pinotage Association.  Although it’s true that not all of Beyers’ selection is strictly Pinotage, just to give you an idea, the estate produces dry red Pinotage, white Pinotage, rosé Pinotage, and sparkling Pinotage.  Now before I go any further let me make clear that there’s a reason Beyers has focused so much on Pinotage production, and it’s not just to create a market niche.  He truly makes world-class quality and extremely tasty and expressive wine from the Pinotage grape.  OK so by now I imagine most of you are thinking … if this idiot says Pinotage one more time! … I digress … (more…)

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